Three Tier Cupcake Stand – DIY Dollar Tree Crafts

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Cake stands are such a wonderful way for serving up cupcakes and display for outdoor wedding or party bite size goodies. A few weeks ago, one of the member of our group from DIY Dollar Tree Crafts from Facebook asked about an idea on how to make one so I decided to create one for myself and share the steps I did. All you need is to grab some plates and candle holders from any thrift stores or dollar stores as they’re a great source of supplies, so you could make your own out of $5 it’s totally up to you if you want to spend more and add more style to it too!

Below are the supplies I used:

3 Metal Plates and I also used a spray paint to add color
2 Candle Stick Holders and an old cookie platter holder
A glue E600 which was not bought from the Dollar Tree store, I got them from Michaels and you can use any glue for as long as it works with the type of material you decide to use.


You may decide to add some design to your plate if you like, I’ve used a metallic finish to spray paint the plate and top handle.

I used a maskin tape to cover the middle part and scotch tape to cover the edge part. I also used an X-acto blade to cut it into a round shape to leave just the part of the rim that I want to spray paint it with.

I spray painted the holder around as well by hanging it with a tie.

Next, I start by washing up the plates and candle stick holders first to get rid of dust so the glue adheres to it well.
I apply the glue along the bottom rim of the candle stick holder to bond it with the bottom plate, make sure to stick it to the center of the plate as you want it as even as possible and you may push down on it for a few seconds to make sure it lays flat to the plate.

Do the same thing with the 2nd and 3rd tier plate to bond the top and bottom altogether.

Leave for about an hour or a couple of hours to dry, it depends on the type of glue you’ve used.

Finally, wash up your plates and start using it!

3-tiered Plate

The good thing about using a candle stick holder as support is that you don’t necessarily need to drill a hole into your plates, you just have to use a strong glue to bond it with any plates you’d like to use.

You can use your 3 tiered stand for accessories, makeups or whatever you want to use it for. It’s also great for parties like baby shower, bridal shower, birthdays and just about any party! It’s very cost effective so you can put as many as you like on your guest tables and it’s super cute!

I hope you liked it and leave a comment down below, let me know what you think this is cool!

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!


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10 Responses

  1. robin rue
    | Reply

    No way! That came out awesome! I never would have thought to do this, but I just LOVE it.

  2. Monica
    | Reply

    What a great cake stand! I would never have thought to use the candle holders to separate the tiers, you did an amazing job!

  3. tara pittman
    | Reply

    This is so pretty. I need to make one for my sweets.

  4. Alicia Taylor
    | Reply

    Wow! So beautiful – and unique. I love the antique look

  5. Kristi Wheeler
    | Reply

    What a darling idea! They look fabulous!! I love how cheap and easy they are too.

  6. parentingpatch
    | Reply

    What a great cupcake stand! I love buying materials for crafts from the Dollar Tree!

  7. tsosmmn
    | Reply

    I have made many cupcake stands and this one is so cute. E6000 is the best glue ever – a bit smelly but there really is nothing better!

  8. Echo
    | Reply

    What a beautiful project! I can’t believe those came from the dollar store!

  9. Cassie Liz
    | Reply

    This is so clever! Honestly some cupcake stands I’ve seen can be a real rip off!! Like over $50! For something I probably won’t use that often

  10. Angela
    | Reply

    This is such a clever idea! I love a good three tier cupcake stand diy from the dollar tree. Great work!

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