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When I decided to start my own website, I spent endless hours doing research on the internet to help me prepare for this big task.  After reading and reviewing various websites, I narrowed down my list to include the ones that worked for me…and what I hope will work for my readers. 

Please remember that these are only recommendations; it’s important to find the right resource that will work for YOU and your needs.

My Top Recommended Blogging Tools

Web Hosting - I personally recommend HostGator.  HostGator has a good price and gives you the option of monthly payments instead of an annual payment.  For this reason, customers will not be obligated to sign a long-term contract.  They offer “bundles” that include the domain, web hosting, and email for a low price.  I am currently using this web host and find the quality of service to be incredible.  Just use my Coupon code: CJSAVE25 and you get 25% off from web hosting!  I am satisfied with their warm support each time I have needed help with technical questions.  Imagine, I paid less than $80 bucks for a 6 month package and in my case, I chose the Baby plan and that's all I paid for it! It will go down if I unchecked other offers from the package that you may not need. So no match right? It is seriously LOW!

WordPress – WordPress is the top choice of web designers and I know why…it’s FREE!  WordPress allows you to create your own free website or personal blog.



Picmonkey – This is a graphic design tool, as well as, an easy photo editing tool that allows you to create a logo or any image design.  Additionally, there are options to add a variety of effects. I bet you'll love it, so easy and fun to work with!

TheHungryJPEG -  Another great graphic design resources based marketplace. The site offers tens of thousands of products including fonts, graphics, illustrations, themes, pre made logo and branding templates and so much more. New products are added daily by some of the top graphic designers in the world.

Grammarly - A free writing app that instantly checks your writing for grammatical errors, misspelled words, punctuation, style and use of words in the wrong context. It also ensures that it is also easy to read and effective, which gives detailed explanation about the grammar rule that has broken as well as examples of correct and incorrect sentences and offers possible corrections.

The #1 Writing Tool

My Top Recommended Crafting Tools & Materials

I purchase most of the materials for my crafts from the JOANN online store.  Shopping online is convenient, offers more stock choices than the stores, and is sometimes cheaper – especially when there are coupons that offer huge discounts.  I also go to Michael’s, but I’ve had a hard time finding supplies such as clay colors and texture sheets.

Here are the list of my recommended tools:

For Claying: 

Embossing and Stylus Tool Set
Sculpting 5-in-1 Tool
Slicer Tools
Bead Making Kit
Baking rack
Clay Extruder
Sand papers (purchased from Home Depot)
Clay Machine

I have also tried several brands of clay bars and my preference is Premo.  Premo offers the best price with excellent result.

For Needle Felting:

Single Felting Needle
Felting Pen (I'm using 5 prong or 5 point, you can use 3 point or 2 point needles)
Silicone Finger Guards
Thick Foam Sponge
Bristle Felting Mat
Needle Felting Comb
Wires (purchased from Home Depot)

Felting Wool Batting and Wool Roving


Also important to read: Difference between Wool Batting and Wool Rovi

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