30 Companies to Make Money by Designing T-Shirts

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Did you know that you can actually design your own T-shirt and sell them without having all the equipment and resources to put up your own shop? And who doesn’t love to shop them with all the design options that you ever imagined, well you can in all sizes and they never go out of style.

All you got to need is your very own creative mind, even if you have no experience as some of them offer their own easy to use design tools.

Could you imagine that there are more than 2 billion shirts that are being sold yearly? You could be one of them receiving these sales, all you have to do is create, price your shirt and set up a campaign for everyone to see.

Here’s our list to check out on how to make money by designing T-Shirts with this awesome companies:

Teespring Website

To read more about Tee Spring click here...

Sun Frog Website

To read more about Sun Flog click here...

Skreened WEbsite

To read more about Skreened click here...

Print Mojo Website

To read more about Print Mojo click here...


To read more about Spreadshirt click here...

The T-Shirt Mill

To read more about The T-shirt Mill click here...

To read more about Tostadora click here...

8. Neat To Shop

Neat To Shop Website

To read more about Neat to Shop click here...

Printfection Website

To read more about Printfection click here...

To read more about Cafe Press click here...

11. Bonfire

To read more about Bonfire click here...

To read more about Blue Cotton click here...

13. Printful

To read more about Printful click here...

To read more about Print All Over Me click here...

To read more about Threadless click here...

To read more about Red Bubble click here...

To read more about Tee Public click here...

To read more about Logo Sportswear click here...

To read more about Print Aura click here...

To read more about Design by Humans click here...

21. Zazzle

To read more about Zazzle click here...

To read more about InstaPrints click here...

To read more about E-shirt Express click here...

To read more about Shirt City click here...

To read more about Custom Ink click here...

26. UberPrints

To read more about Uber Prints click here...

Rush Order Tees

To read more about Rush Order Tees click here...

To read more about Underground Shirts click here...

To read more about Ooshirts click here...

To read more about Same Day Tees click here...

There are more ways to sell all your creations such as by creating a Facebook page or a website and you can even get them advertised with Facebook Ads.

Here’s a list of Facebook groups to sell just about any crafts you made:


Craft, Chat, Buy and Sell

Only Handmade for Buyers and Sellers
Creative Crafts and Hobbies
On Fire for Handmade 

Here’s also a previous list of 32 Marketplaces Online to Sell Your Handmade Crafts and start your own online store and sell your designs on t-shirts, hats, and more.

If you know any other companies such as these we have here, please do let us know in the comments and we will update our list!


Thanks for reading!


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22 Responses

  1. Cia Black
    | Reply

    THanks for providing me with all the information. My little people will love having shirts that they enjoy. And a few non profits I know will find this information even more useful.

  2. Kelly
    | Reply

    I love Bonfire! They donate to a charity when you sell with them, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

  3. Shevoneese
    | Reply

    This is such a great list. Hubby and I have been looking to do some tshirts but had no ideas where to start. This really helped.

  4. ktmommyscene
    | Reply

    This is great! I’ve been thinking about designing some cute t-shirts for kids, I just have to finalize the designs and choose styles. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Zoran Stankovic
    | Reply

    This is great post!I love t-shirts!This really helped!Thanks for the tips!

  6. Fred
    | Reply

    Never thought there would be so many of them. These are all based in California alone? I wonder how many there would be if I search for a list for Manila based only?

  7. keisha1989
    | Reply

    Wow this is great. I had no idea there were so many companies to make money designing shirts. This a project i would love to get into soon.

  8. jin
    | Reply

    I can’t believe that there are that many tshirt companies out there! It’s really amazing how people make money off of something so simple, like, why didn’t I think of that!?

  9. chewoutloud
    | Reply

    I think it’s great that everyone can make shirts and create own designs! I’ve bought from friends who were selling in the first two sites you mentioned. There are really so many options!

  10. Selena Hughes
    | Reply

    I really appreciate the time you put into this aritcle. This time of year is when you need a list like this.

  11. Sunshine Kelly
    | Reply

    Wow thanks for the detail compilations. I kind of looking to print tshirt for my company event.

  12. prachi
    | Reply

    wow amazing collection of t-shirts great job 🙂

  13. Brown Sugar
    | Reply

    Thank you for sharing all the shirts ideas

  14. nitin Goswami
    | Reply

    design is the backbone of a tshirt. That;s why they earn so much.

  15. Krizia Velez / Reckless Babe
    | Reply

    I have no intention of selling shirts but I was looking for a good company to make tshirts for my personal use! I’m so glad I found this because I already have some design ideas and wanted this for a long long time, just didn’t know how to do them!

  16. brigettedanielle
    | Reply

    I have heard of bonfire before and it looked really neat! I had no idea about these other companies. I would love to make some shirts for my family when we go on vacation!

  17. Joanna
    | Reply

    I never thought about designing my own tshirts using an online company. I did however had an ex boyfriend who was just starting a business like this.

  18. Elizabeth O
    | Reply

    Wow!! This is such a great list. Love those t-shirt, Especially the bonfire I have heard about this company and it’s sounds so great. Will definitely check them out.

  19. Monique
    | Reply

    awesome post! didn’t even realise half these businesses and companies existed. really cool to see. will definitely check them out

  20. StephJ
    | Reply

    This is pretty cool. Great for Christmas gifts or even marketing. Thanks for this useful resource!

  21. tararaquelfuller
    | Reply

    this is really neat! i love the idea!

  22. Oyinkan
    | Reply

    Well this is ever so helpful! Thanks for being a resorce. I pinned this

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