Mini Cupcake Stand – DIY Dollar Crafts

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Get paid to share your links! As for me, there is no match for creating projects that cost next to nothing to make. One day, while I was reading an article from an online magazine, I found some clever projects … Read More

20 Resin Important Hacks and Tips – DIY Hacks For Crafters

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Get paid to share your links! Many of you might be worried about working with resin, so I thought it would be helpful to gather all the hacks that I’ve learned and share them with you. Here’s a quick overview … Read More

30 Incredibly Useful Must-Haves for Craftaholics Cupboard

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Every project has tools that are needed to get the work done. For example, handcrafters often surround themselves with tools that are readily available when an idea sparks in their minds. When this moment of inspiration happens, it’s great to … Read More